Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a “Jet Ski” and a Sea Doo?

Jet Ski, Sea Doo, or Wave Runner
What is the difference between “Jet Ski”, “Sea Doo” or “Wave Runner”?

The commonly used term “Jet Ski” is actually a registered trademark. Kawasaki uses the brand name “Jet Ski” for the line of personal water craft that they manufacturer. The term Jet Ski is a popular term and often used to refer to all personal water craft. Other personal water craft brand names are “Sea Doo” and “Wave Runner”.

What time do you open?
  • Memorial Day – Labor Day we are open at 9 AM Saturday & Sunday and 10 AM Monday thru Friday till the last rental.
  • April, May, and September we open at 10 AM Saturday & Sunday and 11 AM Monday thru Friday.
  • October and March we open Friday, Saturday, Sunday, & Monday at 11 AM. Tuesday thru Thursday by reservation.
  • Winter Months we open on weekends at 11 AM, weather permitting. Monday thru Friday by reservation.
I made a reservation before you open? Or on a day you are closed?
  • Yes! We open early for reservations. Parking is typically easy that time in the morning, so you only need to check in 10 minutes early.
What time do you close? Is there a cut-off time to rent a Sea Doo?
  • All rentals must return to the dock at least an hour before the sun starts to go down because Sea Doos may not be on the water past dark. Daily last rental time varies throughout the year based on sunset.
  • Under no circumstance is staff allowed to send customers out after our daily cut-off time because we must have enough time to review the equipment and rules. Please call to get today’s exact time. Also keep in mind that all rentals are weather permitting.
Sea Doo Rental in Newport Beach.
Couple renting a Jet Ski in Newport Beach, CA.
How many people can ride on one Sea Doo?

We limit each Sea Doo to only TWO riders. There are no exceptions to this rule. Riders wearing a XXL life jacket or larger must also ride alone.

How old must a child be to ride with an adult?

Children must be over 50 pounds and have signed permission from their legal guardian.

How old do I have to be to rent?

Someone 18 or older with legal ID must be on each Sea Doo. We must hold on to the ID for the entire rental time. Minors can ride along and those over 15 can drive with an adult on the Sea Doo.

Is there a weight limit?

Single riders must be under 350 lbs. Sea Doos with two riders may not have a combined weight over 400 lbs. Anyone wearing a XXL or larger life jacket must ride alone. There are times that it can get very rough on the ocean, so for safety reasons our staff does reserve the right to only allow single riders if necessary.

Can my passenger and I switch off who drives?

YES, there is no problem having the driver and passenger switch during the rental time. You must provide both riders ID when checking in. If you have any questions on how to switch spots while you are out on the ocean please let our staff know and they will make sure to review this with you.

Jet Ski rental dock in Newport Beach, CA.

First Time?

I have never been on a Sea Doo, is that okay?

YES, we have a lot of first time riders go out all the time. Please just let our staff know that you have never been on a Sea Doo and we will make sure you are prepared and comfortable before we send you out.

What should I wear?

Bathing suits, shorts, or any other sort of light clothing for the water. Heavy clothing or jeans are not permitted for safety reasons.

Is there anywhere for me to store my personal belongings?

We have small cubbies where you can leave bags and clothing while you are out on the Sea Doos. The Sea Doos also have a small glove box where you can store a bottled water or other small items. These areas are only water resistant, so we do recommend being careful with anything you want to take.

Do I have to wear a life jacket?

Yes by law all passengers on personal water craft must wear a life jacket at all times. We have life jackets for children over 50 lbs, men in XXXL, and everything in between.

Can I wear a wetsuit?

Yes and we have spring wetsuits (short sleeve, short legs) and full wetsuits (long sleeve, long legs) free of charge.

Sea Doo Rental area on Newport Beach Coastline.
Where do I take the Sea Doo?

Sea Doos must be taken out to the Ocean because we are located in Newport Harbor, which has a no wake policy. Harbor travel time can vary based on tides, but typically takes 15 minutes to get out to the ocean and 15 minutes to get back to the dock. We provide a free 30 minutes on all rentals to cover this travel time.

Can I ride the Sea Doo to Catalina?

NO! You must stay within the Newport Beach area and riders must keep land within their view the entire time. We review the riding area (harbor entrance to Newport Beach Pier), which is a little over a three mile stretch, before each rental leaves the dock.

Jet Ski rentals leaving Newport Beach Harbor.
Do you charge a damage deposit?

Yes, customers must provide a credit card for a $500 damage deposit for each Sea Doo rented. Authorizations are ran on the credit card before you leave the dock and released/closed when you return to the dock with the equipment in the same condition.

How does damage happen?

Damage typically only occurs when renters do not follow the rules or laws. Most damage is actually caused by riders not being careful and running into their friends. Our staff will review rules and safety procedures with you prior to leaving, so that you can avoid any damage. We will also photograph and inspect all equipment with you prior to leaving the dock.

Summer Hours

Saturday & Sunday Open @ 9 AM

Monday – Friday Open @ 10 AM

Reservations are recommended. Early rentals available by reservation.

Hours & rental times may change depending on weather and ocean conditions.

Call (949) 723-5387 to Check Today’s Conditions


204 Washington Street #B – Newport Beach, CA 92661

Check-in is located inside the Balboa Beach & Bicycle Boutique.