Bookings & Special Offers

If waiting around in line to rent a Sea Doo isn’t you and your friends idea of a good time, then we recommend making a reservation. Bookings are available on our website at least one day in advance, so just make sure you go online at least the night before and book. Please keep in mind though that summer weekends can sometimes book up early, so plan ahead. If you do make a reservation please remember to arrive at least 20 minutes and check in to our shop at 204 Washington Street, yes inside the Balboa Beach & Bicycle Boutique.

Speaking of summer weekends, due to beach traffic and parking congestion we only take bookings for morning rentals. All afternoon rentals are then available on a first come first serve. Our advise for those wanting afternoon rentals is arrive early to get parking, check in with our staff to get on the list, and then grab a bite to eat or hit the beach. There is plenty to keep you busy in the area, just remember no alcohol or drugs before renting the Sea Doo.

Also, remember you will need to complete a rental agreement and take our quiz, then head to the dock for the required safety procedures. We also provide everyone with an extra 30 minutes for their harbor travel time, so we recommend planning at least two hours for the entire experience.

Sea Doo skipping across the ocean.

Two Hour Sea Doo Rental

Speaking of time, it does fly when you’re having fun, and skimming across the water on a Sea Doo is definitely fun that passes by way too quickly. Luckily for you, we’ve got a way to make sure you squeeze in the most amount of fun without putting a pinch in your wallet. When you use the coupon code, you’ll save $55 on a two-hour Sea-Doo rental. That’s more than 20 percent off the regular price, and all you have to do is remember the code “2HOUR” when you book your rental.

Stand Up Paddle Board Rental

For a more leisurely way to tool around the water, our stand up paddle boards give you the chance to take things easy and let you enjoy the feel of being out and about. And to make the experience that much better, you can even save some money on it. Save $15 when you rent your stand up paddle board for two hours.

To make sure we are ready for you and your friends when you arrive go ahead and book and pay online using coupon code “2For25”. When you arrive it will be easy to get on the water and take in the beautiful views. If you are a newbie, no problem, we are happy to give you a quick lesson and send you on your way.